Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Discounted Death

Redeux October is live, lasting just the week 14-21 of October. A range of creations themed to Darkness, from all black dresses to raven feathers, black tattoos and touches to the Death skin sets at half price. The Libertine booth is also present, for a list of items and previews check the Libertine post here. As usual there's also gifts and gachas, some even with a discounted pull.
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Thank You

A heartfelt thank You for participating in this Election, Festivites and Celebration: Fallen Gods Inc. without you is a boat without sea, your support, enthusiasm and passion fill me with energy and love for what I do each year. Thank you.
I hope you all had a great time till now, the celebration will last all october, so plenty of time for chronos, hunts, market exploration, enjoy!

Fallen God & Goddess Contest Update
Congratulations to all the wonderful participants, you are all for me the God and Goddess, and each one of you bring so much to the Temple, thank you all for participating and keep an eye on the next days notices and blog posts as 50+ more winners are on their way for special awards and the best art major category!
Fallen Goddess 2017 - Tamzin Xigalia
Fallen God 2017 - Ogygen Staryk
Goddess, popular votes winner - Bobbie Faulds 
God, popular votes winner - Titusremus

Sonya took the time and fought lag to take all the pictures for this year events and activities, you can find them in her album here: [LINK]
If you have pictures feel free to share them on flickr with the official group: [LINK]

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Party of the Decennial

You are invited to join us for Fallen Gods Inc. 10th Anniversary Party, on Saturday 14 October, starting at 11 am slt until 11 pm slt. for 12 hours of music, celebration and incredible looks. Let's celebrate with music, vanity and love for life!

TELEPORT: SLurl to the Event

Each Themed Hour Holds a Contest with "Best in" Themed category, 2x1k Giftcard to win each. More info at the bottom of the post.

11am-12pm slt
The Fallen Divines
The Opening of the Decennial Anniversary Party, with all the Fallen Gods and Goddesses showcasing their best looks and outfits. This is the only contest where a Fallen Gods Inc. skin is required.
12-1pm slt
Heart of Darkness
Come all of you gothic souls in the hour of darkness, obscure romance, decadence and Noir.
with DJ Lainey Thorne
Dance divinely to the rocking sound by Lainey with a madness mix where she also warns us..."We all have our favorite tune but what happens when another band takes that song and makes it their own? You will either love it, hate it or say what were they thinking!"

1-2pm slt
Angels & Demons
The contest between Heaven and Hell.
2-3pm slt
Infamous Lookalikes
Come as someone else, infamous or famous Lookalikes of all realities, shapes, forms and entities reunite!
with DJ Rykk Ferraris
"It's All About The Music" If it's Classic Rock and Metal especially!

3-4pm slt
Best in Noob
To all those that missed Noobcon here's a chance to showcase your fantastic Noob Looks in an Encore of Tuesday's party's Set.
4-5pm slt
The Calypso Tropical Bikini Cocktail Conga Hour
It's all about the Conga baby.
with DJ David Abbot
David will as ever be working his way through the largest pile of cheese this side of the Dordogne. Expect 80s pop, Disco, New Wave, at least one Weird Al record and some truly awful jokes. 

5-6pm slt
The Steam Punks
Noone as DJ G Winz can get back the steams up and engines running for this year's Steampunk and Victoriana shift!
6-7pm slt
Sci-fi Galactica
And to continue as last year the steam and punks evolve into technology, future and alien races in a whole Science Fiction and futuristic Shift.
with DJ G Winz
A far out big beat mix of retro exotica, scifi nostalgia grooves, future soul, sassy electroswing, steampunk folkstep & psychedelic bongo jazz for two themes that look close but are light years apart.

7-8pm slt
Monster Carnival
What if... all monsters and horrors broke lose and instituted a Carnival? Let's find out.... join the Asylum of Insanity!
8-9pm slt
The Druid Circle
Distant Drums call all forest folk, from orcs, to centaurs, to Satyrs and witches for a night dance of fires and senses.
with DJ Hazard Fizzle
Drums, fire and apocalypse! Ethnic, traditional, and folk-influenced industrial dance for two hours with satyrs, ents, dryads, unicorns, faes, elves, centaurs....

9-10pm slt
Elven Nobles and Naughty Faes
The Seelie and Unseelie Courts are ready to take over the Circle in a fight of Ancient traditions against the Naughty Pixies and Faes making a mess.
10-11pm slt
Nearly Naked
Best censorships, non-nude nudes, pasties, and Non NSFW nsfw, tinies welcome.
with DJ Random Aine
Requests.. and a mix of eclectic/ celtic/ oldies and hearts desires to get us ready for bed time and close the party with the best slippers on the grid. 

All About Themed Contests
- Except the first theme (The Fallen Divines) you can wear any creator's look or avatar
- Contest boards will be separated by gender
(If you mistake board you will be automatically disqualified by the wrong one so don't worry about joining the correct one after. If you are gender neutral pick one you identify with more or preferduring most of your SL)
- Only people in themed costumes can participate and join the boards.
- Every Winner gets a 1000L$ Gift Card, transferable, to spend at Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine vendors. (works only with gen 2 Casper vendor products)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday's Melee Tournament

Friday 13 of this Festival is dedicated traditionally to our Melee Tournament, A Gladiator Arena Hosting a Unity Meter Driven Tournament with 5000L$ worth of Giftcards to Win. Everyone is welcome to try their blade and challenge professional and beginner fighters. Participation Boards will open at 4 and Close at 4.30 so come in time! Join us also as the audience to enjoy some sane blood butchering on Friday evening led by Fenn Mac Moragh. Hope to see you there,

We also did set up a training Location in the sky for you to try your hand at fighting with courtesy weapons from Fenn and the unity meter. Here's the SLurl: TELEPORT

4pm slt - Melee Tournament
Sharpen your blades and join us for the Ultimate Gladiator challenge! Everyone is welcome, from experienced to casual fighters. You are free to train in the newly setup Sky Arena just for the event.
(Unity Maxim Meter used)

◆ Tournament Rules & Prizes ◆
Contest Board open: 4.00 pm slt
Tournament Starts: 4.30 pm slt
Game Marshall: Fenn MacMoragh
Unity Meter: Tournament Mode Only

One Melee Weapon only, you must use the same weapon the whole tournament.
Spellfire compatible scripted only which means Arrons Scripts, Norton's A&D and Warrick's Unity: PoleArm, 2H Sword, 1H Sword, Dual Swords, Hammer, Dagger
No Heals
No magic huds
No stamina potions or poses
No flying
No jump or speed enhancers
Sign in starts at 4:00PM SLT. Tournament starts at 4:30PM SLT.
Sign in to Board
Single Elimination
When name is called please report to center of arena, the Marshall will check your weapons.
One done he will have you move to opposite sides and then shout 3 - 2 - 1 - GO
Match will be decided by first person down. If match goes for more than 5 minutes, the Marshall will call ONE MINUTE after one minute the person with the highest health will be declared the winner.
Please remember this is a combat match, no running away to avoid combat and to rebuild health, doing so you will receive one warning a second time and you could forfeit the match.

The Marshall is the sole judge and arbitrator, the Marshall does not argue. All decisions of the Marshall are final.
1st Place - 2500L$ Gift Card
2nd Place - 1000L$ gift Card
3rd Place - 500L$ Gift Card

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday's Encore

An Encore on Thursday of a special unique show presented by the "Night Theater" called "Dream Maker" at 1pm. Today a day of calm and beauty, with the sound of Fortune teller winners , birds and cake stealing pixies bumping into grumpy demons searching for Horns. Keep also an eye on the schedule that tonight will show all the 12 themed shifts of the Anniversary Party. Hope you'll enjoy, 


1 pm - The Night Theater presents "DreamMaker"
A Gentle Day dedicated to Visual arts and Theater with the Encore of a Special Show made for the Festival

More about the Night Theater:

Previews of the Premiere
And much more pictures of the Decennial so far on Sonya's Flickr

Check the main event page for a detailed schedule and list of activities:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday Ice Olympics

A Day Long Ice Course for Tinies and Biggies that like to get stuck into tiny spaces! The Roof Garden will Host the Ice Olympics Obstacle Course and Open it Gates for a memorable day dedicated to Penguin abilities and sports. Gift Cards to be won to the best athletes! We will kickstart the Course early at 6 am, with torch carrying, penguins on flames and some dancing with instructions to whoever wishes to try! The course will be open and take scores till later where at 8 pm athletes will be awarded best Champion in Ice Olympics! The award ceremony will be blessed by DJ Aine spinning music for you, fish slapping and dancing. Hope you'll have fun!

Special Thanks to Sharni from the Looking Glass, to Killik from Titans and to Encait from Solarium for preparing this wonderful collaborative creation and surprise for us all! You can purchase all the course elements at the Decennial market and host your own Ice Olympics!

TELEPORT: SLurl to the Event
11/10 Wednesday
Penguin Late Summer Ice Olympics
6 am - Ice Olympics Opening Party and Penguin Torch carriers
8 pm - Ice Olympics Award Ceremony and Celebration (Fishslapping required) with DJ Aine

Check the main event page for a detailed schedule and list of activities:

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Noobcon 2017

Join us for the first annual Noobcon! In all honesty, I have no idea where I Am going with this, but I guarantee shall be randomly interesting. Come cosplay as a Noob or if you are a real noob come and enrich the grid with your genuine presence, Everyone welcome!
We will start at 11 am with a panel of Second Life veterans and creators answering all of your noob questions, following by a party at 2 pm with Dj David Abbot and a contest for best in NOOB!
At 5 pm we have the amazing Keeba and her tiny maniacs playing live for us and to wrap everything up at 5 pm the ritual burning of the giant noob. Let's see what happens, 

TELEPORT: SLurl to the Event
10/10 Tuesday
11 am  - NOOBCON Opening Panel: How to SL in SL
2-4 pm - Noob Pride, with DJ David Abbot
4-5 pm - Live Music: Keeba & the Tiny Maniacs
5 pm - Burning Noob
The First Second Life NOOBCON is here, transforming Selidor into a living conceptual rebirth of the Noob Avatar, from 2007 till today, showcase your best Noobness, help Noobs, celebrate Noobism!

Check the main event page for a detailed schedule and list of activities:

Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Wacky Sky Wars

Today we host the infamous Warbugs with their warfaring ways and sky assault skills. Join us for 3 hours of Sky wars, Wacky Races, Ace of Skies, Cats & Dogs living together, Mass hysteria! Take the chance on winning four 1000L$ Fallen Gods Inc./Libertine Gift Cards, enjoy Doob's Music or simply observe in a posh way commenting our lack of aim. Today, at 1 pm slt, hope to see you there!

9/10 Monday
1-2 pm -  Warbugs: Sky Wars, First Round with DJ Doob
3-4 pm -  Warbugs: Sky Wars, Second Round with DJ Doob
Join us for two sessions of one hour each of Warbug flying battles and win Gift Cards by simply looking as the best Flying Ace in Second Life History or by Piloting Skills. Resident Dj Doob!

Check the main event page for a detailed schedule and list of activities:

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday Theatre and Live Music

Today is the beginning of daily activities, events and performances and we start with a special unique show presented by the "Night Theater" called "Dream Maker". I will be surprised as you and am excited to see the show's premiere tonight at 2 pm slt. Following at 4 pm we have Funky Freddy Republic performing live on the Roof Garden for the first time, guaranteed amazing moods and sonority with this brilliant musician. Looking forward to enjoy the shows with you,

8/10 Sunday
2 pm - The Night Theater presents "DreamMaker"
4 pm - Live Music: Funky Freddy Republic
Join us for the Opening of the Festival Week with a Unique Theatre Show
made for the Event and some great Live music!
TELEPORT: SLurl to the Event

More about the Night Theater:

More about Funky Freddy:

Check the main event page for a detailed schedule and list of activities:

Friday, October 6, 2017


Visit a wonderfully scary and genuinely creepy event hosting amazing stores with new releases each offering a Gift after an epic Horror adventure! The Nightmare Event lasts the whole month of October and I am treating you with some Entomophobia in various degrees of panic.
Hope you enjoy!

TELEPORT SLurl to the Event